Why don’t we sell imported flowers at Tywardreath Village Shop?

We only sell flowers grown in local gardens, at our farm in Tywardreath or we source them through a family run Cornish wholesaler.

We never buy imported flowers, why do we do this?

It’s simple really – my parents were wholesale growers, my childhood was spent either playing in their nursery or working for them. ¬†Even when my brothers and I were tiny we helped out because we understood our family livelihood depended on their small business surviving – thanks to huge competition from global imports and big business.

They were still running their business decades after most people’s retirement age. My parents gave me a work ethic, their business taught me useful practical skills and a livelong passion for nature. I gained the bravery they had to keep growing things and the knowledge of how to earn a living doing what you’re passionate about doing.

When Josh, Tom and I started running Tywardreath Village Shop we started spending so much time in the shop that I really missed being in my garden at the farm and I started cutting a few flowers to put in the window displays in the old glass bottles I collect, just to remind me of home.

As our customers wanted to buy the flowers and they sold out so fast that I couldn’t grow enough while I was running the shop I had to find more local suppliers who could help me keep up with demand.

I was fortunate to find¬†Flowers by Clowance a family run Cornish horticulture business – who started in the 1940’s and have decades of growing experience and supplied by a hub of Cornish and British growers who collaborate with them to promote the British cut flower industry.

It never crosses my mind to source our flowers from a wholesale importer, even though it probably would make sense to business people who just look at balance sheets to make a profit, I can think of many more important reasons why I would rather grow more flowers myself – encourage more people to do the same for the shop – or buy from local growers to sustain their business alongside mine.

Luckily our customers agree it was the right decision, we sell lots of flowers every day to regular customers who buy from us because we only sell British and Cornish grown flowers from passionate growers and it supports the Cornish local economy too.

Trudy Thompson
Tywardreath Village Shop owner, proud seller and grower of Cornish flowers (and micro ventures)!

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