Update on buying next door to Tywardreath Shop

Understandably our lovely customers keep asking our brilliant shop team what is happening with us buying the property next door, to expand this shop, but until we have purchased it we are not publicly sharing any further information.

The reasons for doing this are – we have had enough of the harassment from the local people who appear to care more about damaging our reputation and chances of raising funding, than the future of this shop. Also, Trudy has been having health problems, she is far from being at her best right now but still doing her best while also getting better.

We appreciate that the majority of our customers just want to shop here and many just can’t afford to invest, while the ones who can, are being cautious about funding us especially with some local people spreading doubt and gossip about us as business owners, claiming we will fail.

We are actually in a very stable and profitable financial situation and have not had any trouble finding alternative sources of commercial funding but it’s at a much higher cost and involvement than straight-forward peer to peer funding.

We prioritised raising money from individuals rather than commercial finance and professional investors simply because our purpose is to use our profits to benefit this community and creating more opportunities for local people – not solely creating the most value for outside investors.

Unfortunately, all of the commercial funding offered to us compromises our ethos and objectives, they take their time to put it into place and we have to battle bureaucracy to get a fairer deal for both this company and our community.

Our priorities are to maintain the integrity of this business and maximise the opportunities we are delivering for the community. We will not give up and we are doing all we can to make this happen the right way as fast as possible.

All we ask is be kind to our shop team and support the wonderful Tywardreath Village Shop.

Trudy and Josh

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