Update on buying next door – not all good news but still positive!

We haven’t only got positive stories to share, we have made bold ambitious public plans but to achieve them we have had more than our fair share of adversity to overcome along the way. Instead of always complaining about it we look for ways to solve it and make progress. Then we share what we have achieved and learned from the process.

With so much good happening around us, it’s a pity we have to write this post but we thought we ought to be open about what is happening to us behind the scenes. We are trying to solve an issue ourselves but we feel there is more value in being open and not fearing the consequences from negative chatter.

A handful of truly malicious people are going to extraordinary lengths to damage this business and harm our reputation through their social media and online activities or anyone who will listen to them – none of it is true. It’s just propaganda and scaremongering distorting the truth. We have nothing to hide – we’ve already written about it openly.

We have been fund raising to buy next door and raised the money but as a direct result of pure spite these hate filled individuals have caused major disruption to us and it has delayed us receiving the funds and completing on the purchase yet. We have been fully open with the owners and the purchase deadline was extended to give us time to overcome the issues we were facing from these haters.

There’s sophistication and experience in the spiteful actions, it’s not all just ranting and silliness on social media, there’s a group of friends who are spending a lot of their time doing this with their lives – we are not the only ones they are doing this to online.

For us it’s been going on since January 2016, they went very quiet for six months after we opened the shop but as soon as we announced our plans to grow and buy next door there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t had to manage the consequences of their actions – as well as run our business!

The worse thing is we know most the haters in real life but they have barely said a word out of place to our faces. We have CCTV footage from inside our shop this year of the most persistent online haters saying how wonderful our shop is and what a positive impact we have had on the village. Yet secretly they’ve resorted to slandering us from behind fake accounts.

Josh isn’t a techie genius for nothing! He has discovered who is behind most of the fake accounts, it’s not many voices raising doubts about us.

It’s very passive aggressive stuff really. But the accusations are serious, we can prove they are wrong, but in doing so the damage and delays don’t just harm us, the people it hurts the most are also the ones they are saying they are trying to protect – this community – and not just the people who have invested in us, all the people who love our village shop because it gives them hope and want to see it grow, and for us to keep succeeding so we create more opportunities for them.

While it’s unpleasant having vindictive people to deal with, our lives are really happy, we love our work and feel incredibly proud of what we have done with our community.

We didn’t go into this business naively, we knew what we were taking on by very publicly stepping up to buy and save our village shop and asking our community to lend our limited company the money so we can return more to this village in the long term. From the outset we decided that by being very open it would go a long way to neutralise the potential risks we faced from public shaming.

We have lived in this village for over 3 years and love being part of the community but oh my goodness have we heard a lot of moaning and negativity in that time. Before we opened the shop we rarely heard anyone saying anything positive about their lives or the opportunities this village has in the future, it was always about the past, the lack, disappointment and blame.

Our business is coaching people to achieve their ambitions by sharing our experience. We are certain the opportunities are endless. We know there is always something exciting about to happen around us because we are always taking actions to make it happen. When it gets tough we think laterally and find a solution – it’s always there if we look for it and we never give up looking!

What we have done to our village shop has improved many people’s lives, it’s raised the pride in this community and the ambition of local people. We rarely hear anyone being grumpy about living in the village now, it’s always stories of how wonderful the shop is and how lovely all the shop team are and what a massive difference we have made to the village and interest in our future plans.

Josh and I can’t go out anywhere in Cornwall without bumping into someone who has visited our shop or follow us online and they love the shop so much that complete strangers feel motivated to stop and congratulate us and encourage us to keep doing more. The same thing is happening to everyone who works in the shop.

What if we had listened to the people who doubted our plans to buy our shop would work? What if we had agreed with our friends and family who thought it was too risky for us to take this on by ourselves? What if we feared these bullies who want us to fail?

Would we have had 12 days like this if we weren’t doing something remarkable and valuable? No, we bloody wouldn’t!  We are making very significant sales and raising a lot of money – and this is despite having a group of spiteful people in the background doing their best to damage us.

It isn’t all a bad thing, it motivates us to do more to prove they are wrong about us. If you knew how strong our self-belief is and how certain we have been throughout this venture, when many have wavered, we have focused on finding a solution. We have never feared financial risk we have been very careful with money and respected the responsibility we have to this community, we are not in financial trouble we are thriving and in good shape as a company, just ask anyone who works with us or our local suppliers, they are all happy.

We know this latest setback isn’t going to affect us for long. We are not going to let down the people we are buying the property from, we are determined to buy next door and hold our first birthday celebrations in there next Saturday.

But just so you know our haters have threatened to object to our change of use application once we own the building and are saying they will get the media interested in running a negative story about us.

If you want to help us outwit the haters you can help us by making a loan pledge to earn 6% annual interest for two years. Or if you know a large business that would benefit from learning from our mindset and experience they could book our training package.

Or just share our story. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we are not giving up.

Watch this space…

Trudy and Josh

‘Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealously and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.’

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