UnLtd announces partnership with Hunter Grange Investments Ltd to support local social entrepreneurs

UnLtd is delighted to announce that Hunter Grange Ltd, run by Josh Taylor and Trudy Thompson will be UnLtd’s Star Partner working in and across Par Bay Big Local, Cornwall.

Josh and Trudy support social entrepreneurs in Par, St Blazey and Tywardreath who want to start or grow their ventures and help to connect them into local and regional business support networks and to find and grow new routes to market. Josh and Trudy are experienced social entrepreneurs and business coaches, we believe their continuing support for local social entrepreneurs will really help create wealth and generate social impact in their local economy.

Social Entrepreneurs are people who establish enterprises with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change and do so by generating income usually through sales rather than grants. Social Entrepreneurs behave in the same way any entrepreneur will – they identify an issue or problem, see an opportunity, and provide a solution. The only difference is that their solution will make money while creating much social and environmental good. Often Social entrepreneurs will form ventures called Social Enterprises to help them deliver the impact they seek.

Social enterprises are businesses that tackle social and environmental problems. They create jobs and generate income like other businesses, but instead of channeling their profits to owners they reinvest them to support their social mission. In doing so, they aim to help people to improve their own lives and the places where they live and work.

UnLtd is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK and offers the largest such network in the world. UnLtd resources hundreds of individuals each year through it’s core Awards programme.

We want to see a world where people act to make it better. Our mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of enterprising people who do good.

UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from awards of funding to ongoing advice, networking and practical support.

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