Your suggestions wanted for tackling dog fouling in the village

We have £100 to spend on helping to solve this issue.  The loose change pot in the shop has raised just a few pennies short of £50 and the shop has matched this money.

We said fund raising this month was to buy a dog waste bin with a free dog poo bag dispenser attached, to encourage more people to pick up after their dogs. But if you have a better idea there is a suggestion box in the shop.

This is an issue that really frustrates and angers people, you only have to look on the community pages on Facebook to see how upsetting this issue is for local residents.

We’ve had more suggestions about catching and shaming dog owners into picking up after their pets.

But one of the positive solutions has come from responsible dog owners who have donated free bags for us to give out.

So if anyone is out walking their dog and needs a bag there are free ones in our suggestion box, just inside the front door of the village shop. 

Ideally we would like more ideas for raising awareness and inspiring behaviour change too.  Visit the shop to share your ideas or just put them in the suggestions box and in the meantime we will keep raising money through our change pot in the shop.

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