Our social investment response to the EU leave vote

Now more than ever before we need to pull together, collaborate, have strong self belief and make a little extra effort to put our community first and make a difference ourselves to our own economic security.  

Since the EU leave vote on Friday we’ve heard countless local people talking about the political and financial chaos and worried about how it will affect people here in Cornwall.


Click on image to open pdf presentation.

Luckily for us and our community we have created an economically resilient, socially responsible business venture with enterprising opportunities opening up every day for local people to work alongside us and share our resources.

Click on the image to read a presentation we showed at a community event yesterday, it shares our thoughts on the leave vote and the next steps we are taking with our social investment plans in the village to protect us from the EU drama.

All the community at our event gave us very positive feedback on our progress and agreed that socially responsible businesses run by local people is the best way forward.

Have a look at our presentation and tell us if you agree?

You can be a part of this and benefit from supporting our inspiring social investment into people and property in Tywardreath, Cornwall.

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