Shop Sale Update

Dear funders,

I have had to take time off over the last few months due to experiencing a breakdown in my mental health but I want to reassure you that while I have not been well enough to run the business or enter into individual correspondence, I have ensured the sale of the shop is still going ahead.

There have been delays in the process from the buyer’s side but their solicitor has confirmed today that completion will be within the next two weeks.

I am prepared to wait and completely understand why it has taken the buyer longer than the six weeks they anticipated back in January. The buyer has been having to overcome exactly the same issues we’ve been through in our business over the last few years.

From now on and so that everyone gets the same information regardless of their current loan status, I will be issuing updates to all funders every two weeks, not only to keep you informed about the sale progress but also to let you all know how and when your loan will be repaid.

I really appreciate how kind and supportive the majority of funders have been while I have not been fully functioning, I also understand why some have not been able to be so patient.

I can assure you all that I didn’t take on the responsibility for this business lightly. Even if some people are still determined to damage the company and my reputation for their personal gain, I will continue to act fairly on behalf of everyone. My actions have always been in the best interests of the future of the shop and everyone’s investment.

Kind regards,

Trudy Thompson

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