Serious allegations are being made about us and our business.

Please take a look at these Facebook pages (links below if you are able to view them) and decide for yourself if what’s being said is in the best interests of our funders, the shop or the village.

Don’t worry about how it impacts on us, we accept it as part of being in the public eye and living in a small village. If we had anything to hide we would not have raised money from our friends, family and neighbours or spent 18 months physically running a busy convenience store, where most of our funders shop most days.

We love running Tywardreath Village Shop, it’s a very happy business with a lot of very happy customers.

If our contribution to this community hasn’t been enough for some people. We have done our best and will continue to do so regardless of who is causing this mischief.

We sent a letter to our funders earlier this month and we asked if they wanted to own the freehold or we would repay them. 82% of local funders responded saying that they didn’t want to put their money into a community owned venture.

It’s a pity we have to promote this latest trouble making but it’s gone too far to ignore, our silence or trying to silence them legally is just going to get interpreted as us being afraid of people talking about us.

Trudy and Josh 

This official looking ‘cause’ page claims to have been created for our funders and interested parties. It alleges to represent their views and share experience of investing in this shop.

If any of our funders are creating the posts it could be interpreted as harassment by creditors, it is very odd behaviour for funders who are concerned about losing their money or the shop. Our funders could easily ask us these question themselves, to our faces.

Bob Pinker –

This personal account appears to have been created recently by someone unidentifiable who has spent a lot of their time filling it with research about us that is publicly available on the internet and visiting locations near our past work locations and where friends and family reside in Hampshire and Surrey. The @tywardreathearts page has been sharing most of their posts to fill it with speculation and intrigue about our credibility.

Facebook cause page Bob Pinker

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