Local graphic designer and artist Sarah Davies shares her rebranding story.

sarah-daviesSarah explains how business mentoring boosted her confidence as well as her creativity.

“I suppose I had a bit of an identity crisis and needed a nudge in the right direction,” admits Sarah who set up her Fowey based graphic design business around 12 years ago.

“I’d been doing branding work for local companies and creating lots of logos for new enterprises for much of that time. I enjoyed this but I’d also begun to branch out into pencil portraiture, painting and other areas and was keen to build on this too. The trouble was I had always been less confident about promoting myself and going out to seek new business.”

Sarah heard about the Entrepreneurs Retreat through some friends and approached business mentors Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor for help.

“I showed them some of my current work and they were very complimentary. On the business side they could see where I was going wrong and that I had a mental block – about social media for example – and that I was also nervous of publicity.

“I’ve now visited the Entrepreneurs Retreat on two occasions, once about a year ago and again more recently. Trudy and Josh have been so delightful and helpful. They are intuitive, understanding and incredibly kind. Their sessions are like counselling in a way. They deal with lots of business clients and really seem to know what makes people tick.

“They’ve encouraged me to be myself and simplify the way I use social media. They have also helped me to overcome some big mental blocks and become more confident, not only about my creative skills but also where I want to go with my business in the future.”

To find out more about Sarah and her work visit www.sarahdaviesdesign.co.uk or call 01726 834833

Interview by Sharon Barnard, September 2016
Sharon is a freelance features writer and editor based in Tywardreath. To find out how she can put your own special story into words contact her at stjbarnard@btopenworld.com

Entrepreneurs Retreat is run by social entrepreneurs Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor.

Enterprising people visit the retreat for inspiration and guidance through business coaching sessions and workshop training events.  

The income generated by the retreat funds free coaching sessions for local people to help them develop the right mindset to successfully run their own business.  Trudy and Josh have invested in business premises in the village through their community fund which supports the growth of the small businesses they coach.

Read the latest news about their social investment in Tywardreath.

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