Reduced opening hours for our village shop

Our opening hours are changing from tomorrow, Monday 3rd September.

The shop will now be open from 7am to 6pm, 7 days a week. (so closing 2 hours earlier than we have for the last two years).

We hope this will be a temporary change as it is purely due to the damage being caused by the actions of short-sighted and quite frankly selfish people impacting on our business and finances without caring about how this will impact on the shop for the community.

It’s hard enough to run a retail business in a small village without having jaundiced negative publicity spread about our finances by a handful of people who ought to have stopped their spiteful behaviour a long time ago!

We have actually done really well to ensure this remains a thriving village shop with a great bunch of local people happily employed to run it.

Yesterday we had over 300 customers and we rarely see less than 270 even on a quiet day – this is a healthy business – not a dying one!

Even though we need to bring more people onto our team we can’t risk employing anyone else at the moment with the amount of fear and doubt being created by negative publicity about our fundraising.

The sad truth is the troublemaking about us is the only thing that has ever held us back from raising more money for this shop to grow – that’s why some cruel people are hellbent on doing more of it to make us look like failures.

Thank you to all our loyal customers for your kindness and support. We really do appreciate it, it’s often all that keeps us going and staying positive about the future of this shop.

Trudy & Josh

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