Positive meeting with funders

Just a quick update to thank everyone who attended our meeting for funders on Saturday, the village hall was packed!

We are very happy with how it went and so grateful for all the support from so many people.

We will be writing to all our funders with a report from the meeting and sharing more info publicly later this week, but it’s all good, there’s nothing wrong with our business and the vast majority of our funders respect how much we have done and continue to do for this community.

Let’s all put things in perspective and remember how lucky we are to have a thriving shop and living in a very good community amongst very kind, thoughtful people who care about their neighbours and local independent businesses.

No matter what is being said or done to us by a handful of people, we will keep going and keep the peace – out of respect for the whole community.

So anyone who has beenĀ predicting doom and gloom about us just needs to chill out!

Thank you again everyone x

Trudy and Josh

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