New bench made & installed by Tywardreath community

benchThis proves what can be achieved by local people and businesses by working together, sharing their resources and skills to make useful things happen in our community!  

The bench on Tehidy road had rotted and fallen apart a few months ago but it has now been replaced with a stunning new bench in it’s place, beautifully made by Henry Hawken a retired farmer – one of the many talented people in this village who on a daily basis gives a vast amount time to help the community.


We raised the money to buy the materials Henry needed, by putting bench-sidea collection pot in Tywardreath Village Shop and thanks to the generosity of their customers putting their loose change in the pot, over half the money was raised in a month.  The shop then matched the money raised and paid for the timber so Henry could get started on the replacement.  

Henry reused the metal frame and Mike of Mike Worne Metal Works (also based in the village) made him some brackets to secure the bench down.


The view from the bench on Tehidy Road

Alyson Parkes who runs Tywardreath gardening club saw a facebook post on Tywardreath Community page saying the bench had been damaged and asked Henry if he would help us make a replacement.   

Alison and Frank Lawson saw the council clearing away the bench and salvaged the memorial plaque.

Trudy from the shop offered to put a collection pot in the shop and Mike Worne dropped off the brackets to the shop for Henry to pick up.  

Now the bench is sitting in pride of place on Tehidy road, so anyone walking up the long hill to the village can stop there to catch their breath and take in the view again.

As this was so successful the collection pot in the shop is going to stay by the till and the shop will match what is raised each month to spend on useful things for the village, such as benches and village tidy up’s. 

This month the shop collection pot will raise money to do something about the dog’s mess on the pavements.  

The plan at the moment is to buy a dog waste bin with a free dog poo bag dispenser attached to encourage more people to pick up after their dogs. But if you have a better idea there is a suggestion box in the shop.



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