Look beyond doubt to see what’s possible

doubt kills more dreamsIf you’re wondering what is happening with our plans to buy next door to expand our little shop, we are still going ahead, despite the people who doubt us.

On the other side of the wall of doubts are opportunities that many don’t allow themselves to see because they are just looking for what might go wrong. 

Tywardreath has a very successful village shop that is a great asset for the community. There were plenty of local people a year ago who doubted it would ever be like it is today, making a profit, employing lots of local people and helping more to earn a living from their own ventures.

We chose to focus on what is possible and keep going until it happens, rather than get caught up in a debate about the negatives. We don’t ignore the critics, we try to learn from their perspective, but it can also be challenging especially when it’s coming from people who aren’t feeling as positive about their opportunities and taking their frustrations out on us.

shop team mottoThis is what our shop team did last week in response to reading what a handful of local people are very publicly saying to spread doubt about us. They wrote this sign to tell everyone how they feel about their work.

That’s what happens when you look past doubt and see what is possible.






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