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This update contains important information for pledgers about pre-ordering our first allocation of shares.

On the 23rd September 2017 it will be the 1st year anniversary of us buying the shop and taking over the business.
To celebrate a very successful first year of trading and the difference this business has made on the community we are hosting weekend of events at Tywardreath Village Shop and Newhouse Farm to showcase what we have achieved so far with these properties and our vision for their future.

Everyone is welcome to attend these events. We want to thank everyone who has supported us and share our business plans to do even more for the community with the shop and farm.

On Saturday 23rd September we are holding a day of celebration at Tywardreath Village Shop by opening up our new property next door to show you around and explain our plans to expand the shop business, create a community cafe and offer more services which will directly benefit local people and improve the self-reliance of the village.

Then on Sunday 24th September there will be an open day at Newhouse Farm to show you what all the community social enterprise activities based at the farm have been able to do in the last year with our support and shared premises to help them grow.

There will be local archaeologists here opening up the test pit they dug earlier in the year as part of our endeavour to help find Tywardreath priory.  The local people and experts involved in this project will be here sharing their knowledge to help us learn more about the social history of the village. At this event we want to hear your memories about the businesses that shaped its enterprising past but are now residential homes.

You will also see the Cornish black pigs we are rearing with a group of local people who have set up their own nano brewery here and the community beehives we look after too.

Making a new pledge or a top-up – click here to pledge
There is still time to make another pledge towards our community investment fund for 6% annual interest over two years by making a peer to peer loan. We are closing the loan fund for new pledgers on the 24th of September – if you want to own our shares at any time in the future you must have originally invested a peer to peer loan pledge first.

Issuing shares – Only our pledgers will have the opportunity to buy them.
On the 25th of September, we will be allocating 1000 Class A shares at a purchase value of £1000 a share.  Employees who have been working with us for over 12 months will be given shares as a bonus to reward loyalty and their level of involvement in helping this business to grow.

Pledgers can email us to pre-reserve their loan pledge to be converted into shares or to purchase them in addition to their loan when we start issuing them on the 25th September. If you’re a pledger you can have shares as well as the loan.

Our shares qualify for HMRC’s EIS tax relief
If you are a tax payer and you own our shares for 3 years you will qualify for EIS tax relief from HMRC which reduces your tax bill by up to 30% of the value of the share capital invested and provides other tax benefits including capital gains tax exemption and loss relief.

Join our advisory board quarterly mastermind sessions
We are inviting pledgers and customers to take part in quarterly creative thinking sessions with us, the shop team and the businesses who collaborate with us. We will use our collective brains to come with fresh ideas to help us grow the company and do more for this community – anyone who participates will leave with new ideas to benefit them too. The first session will be on the 16th of September if you would like to take part please email us or message us via Tywardreath Village Shop Facebook page.

Business development package – with a 100% money back guarantee.
Click here to book and find out more. We have created a way for business leaders to enable their people to learn from us, collaborate and benefit their organisation too – for £5,000 plus VAT. We are so confident that this package will give their company more value in return that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to inspire them with tangible results equal to the investment. 

  • If the package is reserved and paid before the 21st September – the company’s logo will be displayed on our wall of supporters in the shop and at Newhouse Farm.
  • A place on our advisory board mastermind sessions for a business leader, or a member of their team, 
  • We will deliver a full day creative thinking session for up to ten of their employees in the next year on a day of their choice.
  • We will send their office a Christmas hamper of local Cornish products from Tywardreath Village Shop.

Referral scheme
If you introduce us to a company who buys this package and they nominate you as the person who told them about us we will send you (after the company pays our invoice) a Tywardreath Village Shop gift bag with local Cornish products .

If they do this before the 21st September you will both get your name/logo mentioned on our wall of supporters.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions on 01726 339540.

Thank you for your continued support,

Trudy and Josh
Hunter Grange Investments Ltd

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