Investing in our growth plans

investingUpdate: We exchanged yesterday 16th August and want to complete urgently – we are aiming for early next week. The latest updates are put on social media first, so follow the @tywardreathshop on Facebook or Twitter to find out our latest news.

We are buying 43 Church Street the building next door to extend the shop and have a community cafe.

The sale was due to go through on Friday 11th but was delayed by a bank employee and a solicitor who can tick boxes and blame their mistakes on bureaucracy – but not communicate with each other or act on time!

We have decided to try and replace the funding they should have transferred on time so we won’t be at their mercy and can complete the sale this week and get started on the building work and our exciting plans immediately. Otherwise we risk delays that will upset the vendors and cost us more money in lost sales opportunities.

We are offering 6% annual interest for peer to peer loans pledged. Two years is our standard term but this is flexible if you need the money back sooner. You can pledge any amount from £50 to £50k.

Please click here for more info on how to make a pledge – or call us on 01726 339540.

We have no commercial finance and no debts apart from to the 300+ local pledgers who funded us a year ago.  We have already paid back over 20% (£100k+) earlier than expected because we have tripled the shop turnover.

You could really help us by just sharing this post – thank you to everyone supporting us!

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