Help us fund our cash machine & we will give you 6% interest

We are so happy our customers love our village shop as much as we do, one of the most popular things we’ve done is installing the cash machine.  It has dramatically increased the number of visitors to the shop and helped us to do so well that we can afford to employ more staff.  

We are already buying triple the amount of stock, the profit from our first month is more than the business used to turnover in total on an average month. 

Apart from credit card sales, all our income goes in the cash machine. But at this early stage it is difficult to judge how much will be withdrawn in a week as it varies each day from a few hundred to many thousands.  Then it can take up to a week for the money to be repaid into our bank account by the cash machine operator. 

So far it has been used over 2,000 times and the amount of money we need to have as a float has also significantly increased way beyond anyone’s expectations, we’ve exceeded the cash machine operator’s targets! On average the cash machine has to be topped up with our banked funds at least 3 times a week because it’s being used so often. 

We don’t want to limit the amount our customers can use it or cause any disruption to our cashflow during such a profitable and rapid growth stage.

We decided to raise a float of money to circulate in the cash machine or be held in reserve to top it up, so it doesn’t keep drawing from our capital or disrupting our cashflow. 

If you can help us by pledging to fund the cash machine float we will give you a 6% return for a 6 month loan.

Many people have told us they want to pledge now and they were disappointed they missed out on our early fund raising with a 6% return to buy the shop building. 

We can only offer this opportunity for a limited time or we will have to draw on other funding options to avoid disrupting our business.

You can pledge between £500 and £30,000 by cheque or bank transfer.  Please talk to us if you want to find out more.

Thank you to everyone who has already made a pledge this month to help us, we have already raised £25,000. 

How to make a pledge to help us fill our cash machine

  • You can pledge any amount between £500 to £30,000.  
  • In return you will get 6% interest and we will repay you in 6 months.  
  • Plus you get free membership to our community buying group and lots of positive benefits from supporting our enterprising community.

To make your pledge please email us at to confirm your name, address, telephone number and pledge amount. Or you can call us on 01726 339540.

If you have any questions before making a pledge then feel free to ask us anything you want to know, please call us or meet us at the shop or Newhouse Farm for a chat.

Once you have made your pledge we will send you a confirmation of your peer to peer loan with information about your free membership of the community buying group.

You can make a bank transfer
Hunter Grange Investments Ltd bank account details
Acc No.: 38043868 Sort code: 30-90-09 (Lloyds Bank Plc)
Please use your surname and initial as the reference.

Or make cheques payments to: Hunter Grange Investments Ltd.

Our address is: Hunter Grange Investments, Newhouse Farm, Priory Lane, Tywardreath PL24 2QF or drop off anything for us at the shop.

Thank you for your support.


Trudy Thompson & Josh Taylor
Hunter Grange Investments Ltd

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