Funders update and Tywardreath Village Shop news

Dear funders and Tywardreath community,

Thank you to all the genuine, community minded people who have supported this venture over the last three years and continue to trust and respect us.

We are delighted to announce that an experienced, independent multi site retailer will shortly be taking over ownership of Tywardreath Village Shop.

Ideally we wanted our funders to take over ownership of the freehold and for it to become a community venture. We offered this opportunity many times over but it was thwarted by influential locals, some who had a stake in the business trying to sabotage the venture from within, and the local media supported their efforts by portraying us as crooks!

The shop had to temporarily close this weekend for what was clearly articulated as just going to be a couple of weeks shut down to give our staff a break and for essential building work to take place. This is normal for other businesses in the village at this time of year but sadly the amount of unnecessary drama this caused in the community and people’s behaviour towards the shop team now means that the shop will remain closed during the change over period until it’s ready to open again under new ownership.

A handful of people, mostly non funders, have wilfully tried for a sustained amount of time to damage this business and our reputations, causing a lot of trouble for us, our funders and Tywardreath community by repeatedly twisting the truth, using social media to create fake news and praying on gullible, vulnerable people.

The property sale is scheduled to complete within six weeks provided there are no further disruptions. Upon completion, all the money we receive from the sale will be used to pay back our loan funders.

It is entirely possible that some determined folk will keep trying to force this business under and contacting our estate agent to harm the sale going through. We are quietly doing everything we can to prevent them from achieving their ambitions.

Instead of engaging with what can only be described as a witch hunt, we have kept our minds focused on what’s important and refused to allow jaundiced behaviour to destroy a great village shop and put investors money at risk.

Our friendship, adopting a growth mindset, looking after our mental health, not fearing failure or public shaming and taking personal responsibility for our actions are the only reasons we have been able to keep going and overcome many of the issues we’ve faced.

It is worth reiterating that Josh and I have not drawn a regular wage from this company for three years and have also loaned a substantial amount of money to the business. We have always maintained that we will prioritise other creditors before ourselves and we continue to do this regardless of the rumours to the contrary!

Yours sincerely,

Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor

Hunter Grange Investments Ltd, Suite 256, 14 London Road, Guildford, GU1 2AG

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