We are exchanging contracts this week on the village shop

Wonderful news!

Together with hundreds of local people we have secured the future of our village shop and guaranteed it will be run as a social enterprise for the long term benefit of the village.

We are exchanging contracts on Tywardreath Village Shop by the end of this week, with completion within 8 weeks.

We will be in the shop as soon as we have raised the shortfall to complete the sale, we are not far off achieving this without resorting to corporate investment or securing bank finance on the property.  So we can guarantee we will return the greatest financial and social impact benefits to our community.

As we are exchanging contracts and paying the deposit on the property this week hopefully it will encourage all those people who wanted to pledge to now come forward with the confidence to support our community investment fund.

Anyone can pledge a peer to peer loan from as little as £50 with an upper limit of £50,000.  We will return you 6% annual interest and repay it within 2 years.

All our pledgers get 2 years free membership to our Community Buying Group.  They will be the first to be offered shares in our company when we start to issue them.


New exterior design of the shop

Tom Larkin, our new shopkeeper negotiated great deals from suppliers, placed orders and purchased everything he needs to take over.  He’s organised a cash machine to be installed when he moves in and the new signage to redesign the exterior of the shop.

We already use the new card payment machine and a new till/stock ordering system for the shop to run our Community Buying Group, so we all know how it works!

By raising the money from local people to purchase the property we have benefited from your tremendous support to turn our idea into reality.  

Josh and I are extremely grateful to be living and working in Tywardreath, we couldn’t imagine this great village without its shop.

Thank you to all our friends and neighbours for your unwavering support, guidance and most of all your kindness.  It is having this much help that has enabled us to make so much progress in such a short time.  


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