We have exchanged on the property next door to the shop

We have exchanged contracts on 43 Church Street the property next door. This is a big step towards our village shop expansion and community cafe plans.

Thank you to all the people who have so far come forward to loan us the money – we couldn’t be more grateful for your funding and all the kind words of support we’ve received too.

So far in 5 days we’ve raised over £100k from 27 people.

They may live across the UK or abroad but they either have a connection to the village, were brought up in Cornwall or have been on holiday and visited our shop. Or they are people who know us from the villages where Josh and I grew up in Surrey and Hampshire.

Everyone has told us they have pledged to support us because they love what our venture is achieving and most of all they believe we have the ability to do more and they want to help us and be involved.

In total we have 378 loan pledgers who do more than lend us money, they are our friends and neighbours, many are employed by us, they buy from us, collaborate in business with us and share our story far and wide.

That’s why we only want our loan pledgers to be offered shares when we start to issue them in September.

At this stage, if people keep pledging at this pace, it looks like we can buy the shop with just peer to peer loans, rather than relying on any commercial finance – we did it before a year ago when we bought this shop.

Our 1st year anniversary is on the 24th of September. We were always going to have a party to celebrate a great first year of trading after saving the shop.

Now we will be also celebrating our expansion plans and bringing back to life the shop premises next door that closed over 20 years ago.

We have until the 30th of August to complete the sale. But we need to do it early next week to keep to our shop fitting schedule.

If you want to be a part of our purpose driven venture and help us make a difference both entrepreneurial and socially responsible to our community, all the information about making a loan pledge is on our website here



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