Social Enterprise In Tywardreath

All these business ventures operate in Tywardreath to make a social impact and reinvest their profits to benefit the local community.

Entrepreneurs Retreat – Our creative thinking skills and innovative coaching methods give people a fresh perspective, new ideas and a confidence boost. We are hired by successful entrepreneurs and major organisations to make great change happen in their business, especially during growth, mergers or acquisitions. The income from our corporate work enables us to deliver social enterprise activities that involve our local community in Cornwall, one of the most economically deprived areas in Europe. By working with us to change your business, you will be helping us do more to benefit local people.

Bricks and Bread
– It’s free to become one of our incubated businesses, you will get invaluable, confidence building, completely confidential business coaching from us. We are independent, self reliant, experienced entrepreneurs.  The people we help are able to tap into our vast network of useful contacts and share our resources, to fast track their ideas into a viable micro venture. We help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to start and grow their own business and be the best they can be. It’s not the strength of your business idea that matters to us; what’s more important is having the determination to adapt and keep going.  So even if you’re not completely sure what you want to do, if you want start a business then tell us about you.

Hunter Grange Investments – Hunter Grange Investments Ltd is a new limited company formed by social entrepreneurs Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor to purchase and manage commercial properties and agricultural land for the long term benefit of their local community of Tywardreath in Cornwall. These properties will provide the premises for enterprises that make a positive social impact on the local community and inspire more local people to start and run their own micro business.

Hunter Grange Investments is raising £2 million to fund the property purchases and start-up costs of the social enterprises operating in our premises.  The aim is to raise the start-up capital from local people making small loans to the company who will pay 6% annual interest and repay the loan in 2 years or offer shares in the company to the pledgers.

To enable others to replicate this groundbreaking sustainable, social business model in their own community we will provide training workshops and a social franchise business opportunity to share our experience and resources.

Par Bay Bike Hire – The Par Bay Bike Hire scheme launched in Spring 2016, it is run in collaboration with Park Leisure from their Par Beach holiday park.  This venture gives young people work experience in being entrepreneurial.