Join us for a creative thinking workshop to learn from your good ideas

We want to invite 20 people to join us for a 2 hour creative thinking session on Sunday 21st February at Newhouse Farm between 2-4pm.  If you would like to join us send us a message here.

It’s a fun way of coming up with fresh ideas and new solutions.  All it involves is being guided by us to think laterally and we will write up your thoughts on a white board to help us decide what our social enterprise should sell and do with the village shop and Elmswood House when we start running them.

It’s suitable for any age, with limited or vast experience, you don’t need special skills or to even consider yourself to have any good ideas or be a creative thinker.  Although we will be coming up with ideas for the business it is your experience of living here that is more important to us.

This type activity will be regularly run by us for our community to influence and give us feedback on our business operation.  If you are wanting to join our advisory board, volunteer or work with us we will ask you to attend workshop events like this creative thinking session.  As it’s not only useful for us to hear your ideas, it will give your mind a refreshing experience and help you think differently.

It’s also part of the service we deliver to corporate clients with our entrepreneurs retreat business, so you will get to see what we do for large organisations to inspire their people too.

Trudy Thompson & Josh Taylor
01726 339540

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