Changes in the shop team

Two weeks ago Tom surprised us with an announcement that he was resigning, it was as much a shock to us as it is to our customers and supporters. We wanted him to stay and offered him another role in our growing team but he has made up his mind and we respect his decision.

If it wasn’t for our friendship with local people and love for living¬†in this village Josh and I would not have taken on saving this shop and turning it around for the benefit of the community with Tom. Between the three of us, we had hardly any¬†retailing experience so we have done tremendously well to get this far and are really proud of what we have achieved together.

Nothing will ever take away the wonderful memories when it was just the three of us turning around this business and being a catalyst for change in this community. Tom was a big part of this shop, we will miss his cheery smile and character, as we are sure many of our customers will too, but life goes on and so does the shop with more than fifteen people now involved in helping us run it!

This month more local people are joining the shop team to help us to grow, Ryan Johnson who used to live next door when we first opened the shop and has lots of experience at Brown Sugar in Fowey, one of our favourite local cafes. And Helena Watson who has run a local farm shop amongst other retail ventures; her experience will be invaluable to help the shop expand our local products, gifts and hamper sales.

We hope you will join us in wishing Tom the greatest success in the future and welcome the new people to our team.

Trudy and Josh

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