With further investment we can achieve even more!

We’ve created a remarkable social enterprise that proves most people can achieve incredible things by just believing in themselves. (even though we live in one of the poorest regions in the UK)

In 2016 we raised the money from local people to buy the village shop. It’s a now a thriving retail business and social hub. It’s a catalyst for change inspiring and enabling local people to turn their enterprising ideas into reality. We’ve dramatically turned around its fortune and people love our little shop!

We spend money wisely and own the shop without any commercial lending. We are making a profit to rapidly grow this business. In fact, we’ve tripled the shop turnover and already repaid over a third back to our community funders. We are circulating money within our community and investing in its future.

The majority of our funders are our friends, family and neighbours. The rest are people who live in the local area and want us to succeed because it benefits them too, not just financially! Our social enterprise activities are making a huge difference to local people of all ages and abilities.

The deep connection we have with our community has resulted in us being more self reliant and making faster progress than a business with commercial finance, corporate investors or grants. Our largest suppliers tell us our success is unprecedented in their experience and top business leaders are publicly sharing our story and encouraging others to learn from our unique business model and community engagement.

This year our plans include expanding and refitting the shop, providing more jobs and enabling more local people to start their own business and growing our enterprising community by investing in more business premises.

We need your support to help us grow

So far over 300 people have pledged loans of between £50 to £50,000 to our company to invest in our growth. Each pledge earns 6% interest annually and is paid back after 2 years.

We are a very open and transparent business run by social entrepreneurs. Just visit Tywardreath Village Shop to find out more about us or send an email to contact@huntergrange.com

Here is a pdf with a copy of this post with a pledging form and more information about making a pledge.

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