Our company challenges ‘business as usual’ thinking and our results are surprising and remarkable.

By sharing our experience and having a collaborative business model we are helping people of all ages – 

  • To naturally innovate and discover under-developed talent.
  • Using creative thinking and common sense to overcome bureaucracy.
  • How to act faster and achieve more using our thinking methods.

We have created a training package for business leaders to learn from us and easily collaborate for mutual benefit.

We are so confident this will not fail to inspire change and deliver tangible results in your organisation we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Business Innovation Training Package £5,000 (plus 20% VAT)

  • We will run a full day creative thinking session for up to ten delegates representing your company.
  • One person from your company will be invited to our advisory board mastermind sessions. 
  • Your office will be sent a Christmas hamper of local Cornish products from Tywardreath Village Shop.
  • Your company will receive monthly updates on our progress and with permission we would promote the results of our innovative thinking on our website, social media and in the press.
  • Your company logo will be displayed on our wall of supporters at Tywardreath Village Shop and Newhouse Farm at our events for the next 12 months. 

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What you get for your money

  • A full day creative thinking session at Newhouse Farm with lunch and refreshments for up to ten people. Or we can deliver this activity at your premises (travel and accommodation costs will be charged).
  • An invitation for one person to join our advisory board’s quarterly mastermind sessions at Newhouse Farm or to contribute virtually.
  • Hamper of local Cornish products sold at Tywardreath Village Shop sent to your company at Christmas.

    If this package is purchased before the 21st September:
    Your company logo will be displayed on our wall of supporters at Tywardreath Village Shop and at Newhouse Farm events for the next 12 months.

How the money back guarantee works

We will issue an invoice for staff training. Providing we receive payment within 1 month, if after 12 months we have failed to inspire your people or not tangibly benefitted the organisation we will issue a credit note and refund the money – even if the company has not booked the training day for their staff and eaten the Cornish hamper!

We will offer the company the chance to donate their creative thinking session to help local people instead.

The company will still receive promotion on our wall of supporters and involvement with our advisory board mastermind sessions.