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Our community has invested in a ground breaking social investment for the long term benefit of Tywardreath and the surrounding areas.

We purchased Tywardreath Village Shop and funded the start-up costs, the business has created 15 jobs for local residents and buys from local businesses within a 5 mile radius and the turnover has tripled in just 11 months of trading.    

The purpose of this investment is to enable more people to start their own small ventures by collaborating with us, sharing entrepreneurial experience, financial resources and premises.  

Our village shop has become a springboard for enterprising people, where they can develop their business idea, showcase their abilities and inspire others to develop their thoughts into micro businesses.  

Our profits are reinvested to improve the local economy and social wellbeing of our community. 

Tywardreath is a working rural village with a thriving community. It’s a great place to visit and an even better place to live and work.

There are lots of talented, skilled and experienced people of all ages who live here and run their own small business. Not all are as visible as the shops on the main streets, many more are operating behind closed doors in the houses.   

retreat (2)In the heart of the village there is a business retreat and incubator hub at Newhouse Farm, which is run by social entrepreneurs Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor.

Their corporate coaching business shares resources and expertise to help local people to turn their ideas into a business or an income generating community activity.  In the last 3 years they have helped hundreds of residents by giving away their coaching sessions and use of their premises.

In 2016 they started Hunter Grange Investments a groundbreaking, collaborative, socially beneficial limited company to invest in their enterprising community and improve the local economy.  The company purchased Tywardreath Village Shop by crowdsourcing peer to peer loans pledged by individuals and local businesses.

If you live locally and want to start your own venture there are business opportunities here for you. Contact us to find out more.

With further investment, we can achieve even more! Click here for info

Tywardreath Village Shop

We love our shop! Open 7am - 8pm grocery and newsagent, selling fresh local produce and offering home deliveries. Cash machine, card payments welcome.
Tywardreath Village Shop
Tywardreath Village Shop12/15/2017 at 8:06pm
Joe Barnard
Tywardreath Village Shop’s Superhero Employee of 2017

Here’s Joe, busy as usual, not needing anyone to tell him what to do, just getting on with what he does to help this little shop serve hundreds of people every day.

He’s bashfully trying to hide that big smile of his because he knows I’m sharing this to tell you why he’s made us extra proud of him this year by proving how vitally important he is to our shop team.

I run the company but Joe can do lots of things better than I can. For a start, he has more qualifications. He diligently remembers to do things I regularly forget to do. He is better at organising the stockroom and he knows what's in stock without looking. He can check delivery notes, which is something I definitely can’t be trusted to do correctly because my brain doesn’t work as well as his with long lists and hundreds of boxes to match up.

Today, as well as replenishing the shelves every few minutes and sorting out the stockroom, he checked fridge temperatures, dealt with several deliveries, then he was on the till scanning in new stock items and printing out labels for the shelves.

This might not sound like a big deal for a young lad as capable, willing and bright as Joe, but it is a massive achievement for someone who was once vastly underestimated and only offered volunteering jobs before he worked here, just because he has a mild learning difficulty.

We are extra proud of him this year because during the last few months there have been major changes in the shop team that could have been really unsettling for him, it was for us!

Instead, he quietly stepped up to take on more hours and important tasks by himself and now there seems to be no stopping him, we can't get him off the till!

I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant or funny Joe is and how grateful we are to him.

Thank you Joe, you’re definitely Tywardreath Village Shop's superhero employee of the year.

Tywardreath Village Shop
Tywardreath Village Shop12/14/2017 at 7:38pm
Don’t miss out on delicious freshly baked sourdough this Saturday from our friends at Meva micro bakery The Kings Arms, they will be here around 10am and they sell out fast! Just message us and we will reserve it for you.