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Learn about the ground breaking, multi-million pound social investment model we created to save our village shop and B&B, make a profit and benefit the community of Tywardreath in Cornwall.

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Aerial_View_Tywardreath-300x193This website was created by local social enterprise Hunter Grange Investments for the benefit of our enterprising community – to promote all the small and micro enterprises run by local people in Tywardreath and the surrounding areas. 

IMG_1321 (2)Tywardreath is a working rural village with a thriving community. It’s a great place to visit and an even better place to live and work.  

There are lots of talented, skilled and experienced people of all ages who live here and earn money by running their own small business.  Not all are as visible as the shops and business premises on the main streets, many more are run by residents from home who became self employed for purely economic reasons – because the local wages are low, they were unemployed or simply need extra income to support their living costs.   

Within the village is a business retreat and incubator hub at Newhouse Farm, started in 2014 by social entrepreneurs Trudyretreat (2) Thompson and Josh Taylor. They use the profits and expertise from their corporate coaching business to provide free coaching to local people to help them to start and grow their own micro business.  Over 600 enterprising local people have been supported in the last 2 years to turn their ideas into a business or an income generating community activity.

In 2016 they launched Hunter Grange Investments – a groundbreaking, collaborative, social enterprise directly benefiting local people and the local economy.  The company is purchasing Tywardreath shop and Elmswood House B&B.  They are raising a £2 million investment fund to buy these properties and modernise the businesses to operate them with their successful ventures at Newhouse Farm. 

2nd Thursday sushi (2)Buy your products and services locally from people on this website and support the local economy.

List your business in the directory for free, if you live locally and make a product or can offer a service (regardless of how small scale your business is). 

If you want to start your own venture there are business opportunities here for you.

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